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    Fishman Haygood helps hard-working people and businesses that have lost money due to fraud by brokers, financial advisors, brokerage firms, hedge funds and other financial institutions. We are dedicated lawyers with a national reputation and a track record of recovering tens of millions of dollars for clients across the United States.

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    $22 million

    for investors in improperly-sold variable annuities and mutual funds group regarding improper sales of annuities and mutual funds

    $1.6 million

    an elderly couple regarding private placement real estate investment.

    $307 thousand

    for investors in REITS, promissory note programs, limited partnerships and private oil drilling programs

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    Returned our family’s hard earned life’s savings from the clutches of a despicable individual who long claimed to be a family friend.

    Doreen B.

    Total victory in our lawsuits against a large and well recognized financial entity.

    Dale G.


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    I think I have suffered losses as a result of my broker's actions. What should I do?

    Not all losses suffered in an investment account are your broker’s fault, but many times they can be. We will analyze your specific situation and advise you whether we think that your broker contributed to your losses as a result of negligent or intentional misconduct. If we determine that your broker was at fault, often the proper course of action is to file a FINRA Arbitration Proceeding against the broker and his/her firm.

    What is FINRA?

    FINRA is the “Financial Industry Regulatory Authority.” FINRA is a non-governmental regulator of securities firms that focuses on investor protection and market integrity through effective and efficient regulation of the securities industry. It helps write securities rules and guidelines and enforces them in the U.S. FINRA also administers the largest arbitration forum (with more than 70 hearing locations) designed to resolve securities-related disputes between and among investors, securities firms, and brokers.

    Investors can learn more about FINRA at

    What is a FINRA arbitration proceeding?

    FINRA Arbitration is a legal proceeding designed to address disputes between investors and their brokers or the firms that employ the brokers. It is similar to a trial in court, but instead of having a judge and jury, your case is decided by one or more arbitrators. Arbitrators tend to be lawyers, accountants, professors, bankers, brokers, or other professionals. They review the law and evidence presented by the parties and render a final, binding award.

    Where would the arbitration take place?

    FINRA’s rules provide that the arbitration proceeding will take place at the FINRA location “closest to the customer’s residence at the time of the events giving rise to the dispute.” FINRA offers 72 hearing venues, including at least one in each state of the United States, one in San Juan, Puerto Rico, and one in London, UK.

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