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Elder Financial Abuse Attorneys

Elder financial abuse is a much greater problem than you would believe. Billions of dollars are lost each year because of financial abuse. And the sad part is that almost anyone is at risk of becoming a victim, and the results can be financially and emotionally devastating.

The elder financial abuse lawyers at Fishman Haygood have been fighting for victims of financial fraud for many years. We work tirelessly to help you or your loved ones recover the funds that have been taken by those who have taken advantage of a given situation.

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What is Elder Financial Abuse?

Elder financial abuse occurs when a person steals, mismanages or conceals an elderly person’s funds, property or other assets for personal gain.

Examples of Elder Financial Abuse

Investment Fraud

This can include:

  • Selling a customer investments that he/she does not want or need (common investments include:  real estate investment trusts (“REITs”) or other investments tied to real estate, limited partnership interests, investments in oil and gas ventures, and equipment leasing programs)
  • Churning a customer’s account—buying or selling securities in an investor’s account for the primary purpose of generating commissions.
  • Outright Stealing.  Some financial advisors take money directly from a customer or customer’s account for the supposed purposes of making new “investments” that never actually take place or to cover bogus expenses.  Other advisors claim to “borrow” money from their customers that is never paid back.

Scams involving healthcare providers

This can include:

  • Charging for healthcare and not providing it
  • Overcharging or duplicate billings for medical care or services
  • Unlawful referral arrangements with other providers or for prescribing certain drugs
  • Overmedicating or under medicating. Recommending fraudulent remedies for illnesses or other medical conditions
  • Medicaid fraud

Real estate predatory lending elder abuse

This can include:

  • Offering a senior citizen a loan when there’s no way he/she can repay it, or locking an elder into a loan with a balloon payment that is impossible to pay. Even if the perpetrator fails to obtain the property it is still possible to charge them with attempted senior fraud.

Credit card/insolvency elder fraud

This can include:

  • Fraudulent promises to repair his/her credit; (2) Offering fraudulent insurance to protect his/her credit cards against unauthorized charges; (3) Using counterfeit checks or debit cards to drain an elder’s bank account; or (4) File for bankruptcy under the victim’s name to avoid paying debts incurred under that name, or to avoid eviction.

Failure to pay an elder’s upkeep from a trust

This can include:

  • Example: a son trustee of his father’s life estate does not provide enough money for his mother’s monthly upkeep or an abuse of Power of Attorney authorization.

Home repair senior fraud

This can include:

  • Example: A perpetrator offers to make home improvements and either takes the money without doing the work, or doesn’t perform the work as promised

Funeral and cemetery senior fraud

This can include:

  • This is when a perpetrator scams or defrauds a senior into paying exorbitant costs for these arrangements or any costs for services that you are not provided.

Telemarketing/mail/internet senior fraud

This can include:

  • This includes soliciting a senior to:
    1. Donate to fraudulent charity
    2. Pay money to claim an illegitimate sweepstakes prize
    3. Provide his/her personal information to use that information for unlawful purposes.

Contact Our Experienced Elder Financial Fraud Attorneys for a Free Initial Consultation

Our investment fraud lawyers are dedicated to aggressively advocating for the rights of those who have become victims of elder financial abuse. If you or a loved one have become a victim, contact our elder financial abuse lawyers at Fishman Haygood.

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