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  • A class of investors against various banks alleged to have been associated with Allen Stanford’s $7 billion Ponzi scheme
  • Investors in a FINRA arbitration against a clearing firm to recover losses connected to Allen Stanford’s Ponzi scheme
  • Investors in Louisiana State Court against Judith Zabalaoui, Charles Schwartz, and Omni Bank to cover losses related to the $5 million Zabalaoui investment fraud scheme
  • An elderly couple in a securities arbitration involving a private placement real estate investment.
    Results: $1.6 million award, including 100% of their losses and an award of attorney’s fees
  • Investors in a securities arbitration involving the sale of unsuitable non-traded REITs, promissory note programs, limited partnerships, and private oil drilling programs.
    Results: $307,000 award in favor of the customers
  • Many investors in claims relating to the sales of private placements such as non-traded REITs, promissory notes tied to real estate or equipment leasing programs, and structured products.
    Results: confidential settlements
  • Several foreign investors against the owners and managers (and several affiliated companies) of an investment fund that was supposed to be part of a federal program that provides permanent U.S. residency to foreign nationals
  • A family in a jury trial involving single business enterprise and alter ego claims against several affiliated companies for damage caused by an insolvent entity.
    Results: matter settled for confidential amount in the middle of jury trial
  • Businesses and individuals in claims against their insurance companies and insurance brokers
  • Several land owners in claims against oil and gas companies for the damage and land loss caused by the oil and gas operations

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