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Four Indicted in “Las Quesadillas” Fraud

A federal grand jury has indicted four individuals—Juan Enrique Kramer, Adriana Pastor, Noel Olguin, and Karina Hernandez—for wire fraud and conspiracy to commit wire fraud for allegedly defrauding investors who thought they were purchasing “turnkey investments” in new locations of Las Quesadillas restaurants.

In marketing the investments at fairs and conferences, Olgin and Hernandez allegedly “promoted Las Quesadillas as a vetted safe and secure opportunity.” Rather than delivering on their contracts with investors for the new Las Quesadillas locations, Kramer and Pastor allegedly took investor money and “us[ed the] funds for personal purposes or, in some cases, to provide partial payments to previous investors.” Olgin and Hernandez allegedly knew of Kramer and Pastor’s misdeeds.

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