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Texas Grand Jury Indicts Carl William Pollock

A Travis County Grand Jury recently indicted Carl William Pollock on charges of securities fraud, theft and money laundering in connection with a scheme to raise funds for two Austin-based healthcare companies.

According to a news release from the Texas State Securities Board:

“The indictment accuses Pollock of engaging in criminal conduct in connection with the aggregate sale of approximately $1.5 million in investments issued by HRA-Healthcare Recovery Advisors, LLC, HRM-Healthcare Resource Management, and Associated Healthcare Technologies, LLC. According to the indictment, Pollock misrepresented the use of principal to at least 20 victims – in part claiming money invested in HRA would be used to pursue financial recoveries from insurance companies on behalf of healthcare providers. Pollock is charged with intentionally concealing the true financial dealings – taking money from investors and paying personal expenses.”

“Pollock also filed for Chapter 11 Bankruptcy in US Bankruptcy Court in Austin – a fact that was allegedly concealed from investors. According to the indictment, Pollock further concealed lawsuits from victims – including a judgment finding him liable for more than $350,000.” A copy of the Carl William Pollock’s indictment can be found here.

Both HRA and HRM had offices on Barton Creek Boulevard in Austin, Texas, but their charters had been forfeited when the entities failed to pay taxes, according to a review of Secretary of State records.

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