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CM Capital Management and owner Edward Moody facing investment fraud charges for $4.95 million Ponzi scheme

Edward Moody (Edward Lee Moody), owner and investment advisor of CM Capital Management is facing sanctions from the SEC (Securities Exchange Commission). The attorneys of Fishman Haygood Investment Fraud Lawyers are currently investigating possible claims against investment advisor Edward Moody.

In July of 2018, the SEC announced charges against Edward Lee Moody for using his company CM Capital Management to operate a Ponzi scheme. Edward Moody owned and worked for CM Capital Management in Virginia Beach, Virginia from 1999 to 2010.

Moody’s Ponzi scheme defrauded approximately 60 individuals and entities at a total value of nearly $5 million. Moody marketed CM Capital Management as a successful money management company that would profitably invest client funds in securities. In actuality, Moody and CM Capital Management were stealing money away from their clients. To keep up appearances, Moody and CM Capital made periodic repayments to earlier investors and sent fake monthly account statements with fictitious data about the supposed growth of clients’ investments. The SEC found that none of the $4.95 million had been invested, but had been spent by Moody to pay off earlier investors, fund his personal trading, and personal expenses. Personal expenses included purchasing: a new home, car, home remodel, and luxurious recreational activities. In light of these findings, federal regulators have frozen the assets of Moody and CM Capital.

If you invested money through Edward Moody and/or CM Capital Management, we would like to talk to you. Fishman Haygood Investment Fraud Lawyers are experienced securities litigators. We have helped hundreds of clients recover their losses that were due to investement fraud or negligence. Contact us today to discuss your options and receive a free consultation.

Fishman Haygood Investment Fraud Lawyers represents investors who have suffered investment losses in claims against their brokers or financial advisors. Our experienced attorneys have brought securities fraud cases in state and federal courts across the nation, as well as in FINRA arbitration. We work to help investors recoup their losses.

Of course, all cases are different. For that reason, we analyze each client’s matter individually and provide our personalized evaluation only after considering all of the facts and circumstances of all possible claims. If you or someone you know is the victim of securities fraud, please contact a Fishman Haygood Investment Fraud lawyer today.

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